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Aftereffects: The Threepenny Opera

The play centers on an unethical, antiheroic criminal Macheath (Mack the Knife) who marries Polly Peachum, the only daughter of the big boss of the beggars who runs the streets of London. Disappointed of her daughter’s sudden decision, he plans to condemn Macheath of his doings and have him executed publicly by hanging; however, his attempts to entrap and pull down Macheath are hindered by the fact that Tiger Brown, the Chief of Police, is Macheath’s old pal. Still, Peachum asserts his influence and eventually leads Macheath to his arrest and death sentence. Macheath avoids his fate through a deux ex machina (a theatrical device), wherein an unexpected character is inserted to intervene with or resolve the protagonist’s situation. His remarkable end is stopped by the surprising declaration coming from the messenger of the Queen relaying Her Majesty’s message to grant Macheath Royal pardon. Despite all his doings, he escapes the finale usually described by the part wherein the bad guy …
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Article Review: Disassembling Toys

The dominance of French toys representing a miniature copy of the adult world is being countered and overtaken by the existence of toys patterned from famed fictional characters generated by the powerful imagination to out-of-this-world ones, literally. We see more of sci-fi/ anime action figures like Clone Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel characters, assembly types Gundam Wing and Zoids, Star Wars, GI Joe, the ideal Barbie, Disney collectibles, and many more.
Gundam Wing, written by Katsuyuki Sumizawa

This unquestionable presence disprove Barthes’ claims that toys commonly reflect on the occurrences in the adult world, wherein one, through toys, is trained and prepared for adult responsibilities. Thus, toys nowadays signify the exhibition of wide ranges of ideas for toys to be delighted more by children. I believe that toy makers design their craft works in a way to make children enjoy their innocence and have fun in the world, instead of forcing them to absorb the liability of the old. More…

A Coca-Cola Product Review: Coke-aholic Much?

The 1955 Coco-Cola infomercial, “Pearl of the Orient”, showcases Coke both as a valued commodity and as part of the Filipino lifestyle. For decades, Coca-Cola has, and still, continued to reign in the consumers market stunning other companies with their artistic and viewer-friendly commercials. It has also succeeded in introducing Coke to every Filipino family, regarding Coke as a member whose absence would mean a lot of loss. The infomercial also opens the gateway to the Philippines at that time, presenting Filipino people and culture. 
Image Courtesy: Coca-Cola
The product Coke is represented here as Coca-Cola’s colonial effort to assert its influence in Philippine culture and establish business imperialism within the country. Coke production is viewed here as the force which offers employment to a lot of Filipinos, and its continuous stay and utilization of resources, sand, sugar cane and even cheap labor, tell the viewers of the Philippines’s richness in resources which is immine…

Revealing the Two Fridas: Frida Kahlo

Painted in 1939 at the time of her divorce with famous muralist Diego Rivera, The Two Fridas is said to be one of the products of the mixed emotions evoked by Mexican nonconformist artist Frida Kahlo during her 47 years of painful living. Frida Kahlo lived in a society which allowed her to aspire to be a listening wife and ideal mother. She used her weak points, her realizations in life, to gather more strength, stand up from every fall and produce one of the most valuable, feminist paintings I have ever seen.

After the Mexican Revolution, Mexico stood up for its highly patriarchal system of society, wherein women were viewed inferior to man. They were forced to take the role of subservience, other than the acceptance of being role models to their sons. Respect was less of a concern to deal with since mothers were only able to earn it from their sons, indicating that there narrow possibility of achieving respect when it comes to single women. Other than that, Catholic dominance shaped…

Disguise: Itak sa Puso ni Mang Juan

Delotavo’s interesting visual artwork reflects on the negative effects the Coca-Cola Company has brought about to a Third World country, the Philippines. Antipas Delotavo is a social realist who only considers things as they are and whose works reveal much about exploited workers. The painting shows the response of Mang Juan, a typical Filipino worker, to the upsurge of foreign colonialism and the aggressive injection of Western influence. Itak sa Puso ni Mang Juan is a feedback on the negative impacts of globalization or commercialization in the Philippines. As perceived, a dagger-like tail of the letter C in the company’s title is pointed at the heart of Mang Juan. This exposes the struggle of an average Filipino worker, the embodiment of the Filipino public or the masa, against the agonizing monopoly and economic control of international corporations, most of which are offering products and services that entice consumers to live life according to “wants”, and not “needs”.
Artwork C…

Review Contest: Repost and Win!

This contest is open for everyone that owns a blog. This contest is a boon especially to online entrepreneurs that wish to have fascinating web templates for their websites. While these high quality web products cost hundreds of dollars, here’s a chance for you to win professionally designed web templates and banners by taking part in this contest. The highlight of the contest is that you need not necessarily be a top scorer to get prizes, even mere participation in the contest entitles you for a fabulous prize.
Your mission is to post the entire review given below including the in-content links along with the rules and prize list in your blog sites. All you have to do is copy the entire description and paste it in your blog and publish it. The top three participants that score maximum number of credits will be declared the winners of first, second and third prizes. When there are number of contestants with equal credits winners will be selected by
A review on the fascina…

The Realm

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The Dot And the Line: The Romance in Lower Mathematics

In The Dot and the Line: The Romance in Lower Mathematics, Norton Juster narrates a fictitious yet enthusing story of love between two geometric symbols, the line and the dot. At first, the line courts the dot, but she only had eyes for squiggle, who seems to be wild and unkempt. She and the squiggle are everywhere together, singing, dancing, and having much fun. She often compares both of them, and the squiggle always arrives triumphant. The line begs for chances, but it gives no effect ‘til his worried friends try to cheer him up. They tell him to love someone else; but in his eyes, she’s perfect, and that, she really is the one. And so, he spends his time dreaming of her and imagining himself as someone she is sure to admire. He is really that determined to fight for love. 

Soon, he grows tired of self-deception, and inquires the squiggly line of the answers he’s looking for. Result? He always ends up the same way. He continues trying and fails and tries again, discovering later tha…

Grain, Wine and Gods: All about Demeter and Dionysus

In Greek mythology, twelve major gods, or Olympians, stand out among the others. But there are those whom we call lesser gods. One of which, is the goddess of grain and harvest, Demeter, daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Her legend centers on her daughter Persephone, who is stolen by Hades and taken to live in the underworld. Being distressed by Persephone’s disappearance, she loses interest in the harvest, and as a result, there is widespread famine. Dismayed at this situation, Zeus, the ruler of the universe, demands that his brother Hades return Persephone to her mother. Hades agrees, but before he releases the girl, he makes her eat some pomegranate seeds that would force her to return to him for four months each year. When Apollo travels on the Earth, he sees Persephone in the underworld. Each year when her daughter returns, Demeter makes the Earth bloom (miracle of spring). 
After Persephone’s return to Hades in the fall, winter arrives. Another one is the god of wine, Dionysus, who…

Pearl Buck's The Good Earth

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck became famous throughout the world for her second novel, The Good Earth, which basically tackles about the struggles of a peasant farmer in China, 100 to 200 years ago. The said novel narrates how Wang Lung (the main character) and his family rise from poverty to unimaginable wealth. It has many key morals. However, the most important is that money can’t buy happiness. Wang Lung and his family had a good sense of values. They were down-to-earth kind of people, and loved each other and their land. On the other hand, when a Chinese palace was raided, and Wang Lung stumbles across a large amount of gold, the table starts to turn. It all begins with additions to their room, a three-room house rather. Then he starts buying more land and before long, he owns hundreds of acres of land, has hundreds of servants, and lives in a palace. Soon, the wealth spreads discord among the family members. Wang Lung’s children (now grown-ups) start fighting for money and inheritan…